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Our Teachers

Student Performance

We cannot take all the credits what we achieved now whatever it’s too little or not. Our students best performance and their sincerity who made us. They are now doing well in their own sector what and how we taught them. When our students feel what made them change and made them more eligible and also capable then before, they recommend to everyone about our virtual academy and helped to extend our learning platform.

Our professionalism and honesty about our teaching system and obviously out great intentions who helped our students’ great performance and made them loving us and also recommend us to each and everyone.

Our Well-Wishers


They are our most inspirations and our dream maker. For them, we dare to dream to make Way to Technology in a large way. Because they also see and feel the result about our learning system. And that’s call achievement and honor which help to lift up our ambitions and dream.

Who We Are

First of all it is much important to all of people out there to understand how we are different and above which points we are so reliable and have liberal mind about teaching sector. We are more focused on quality than quantity. Since 2010 we have begun our journey with the purpose to build our learners in a standard way and courage their enthusiasms more. Pondering about future technology revolution, we planned how we can deliver new features swiftly to our students doorstep. Because we believe “a simple solutions for complex connections”. And by the grace of almighty we are growing successfully with people’s unexhausted love, faith and unflagging dedication of our Way To Technology’s (WT2) team members .

Virtual Academy

We take classes on completely online platform. Due to different workloads, most of the students and Specially the women are not able to learn at the institutes due to lack of time and sometime they can not get proper guideline what they deserve. In view of all the obstacles, we have created this virtual learning platform.

Model Test

We are always endeavoring to know the progress of each student’s performance at their own courses. That is why we arrange the sort of question papers on individual topics that have far-reaching implications for future careers.

Winner Gift

We organize different types of contests as our class work every month. From there, the first three winners we declared as winner and by rewarding them we encourage our students’ enthusiasm. And each course is awarded with the title “Student of the Batch”.

Awesome Support

Have to surely admit that no competitive of us at this sector. Our respective and most active mentors will monitor you in such a way that you never lose your interest! You will be able to get support even after a few years of completing your course, and we are the only guarantor of that.

Creating Leader

We are the makers of Future Leaders!

“Now-a-days, computer skill has become essential for achieving a successful and easy life. Way to Technology has become one of the leading training company and best e-learning sites of the country that makes distance learning fun and easier. It has revolutionized the online education system in Bangladesh. You can learn anything that you love from anywhere at your convenient time. We are working with the vision of making the nation proficient in the Global IT village by building a platform which serves business owners as well as freelancers.”

SM JOY Founder & CEO, Way To Technology

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