Video Editing & Motion Graphics

It’s hard to find people who aren’t interested in video. Start your own video from a TV show or movie. When the video is done on all smart phones in Burma, video is not just a video. There are more headaches when it is seen that a video does not move from one place to another. There are quality issues as well.

Video editing is the process by which a video footage is transmitted to the editor in a compelling way to convey a perfect story. The tasks that are instructed to do are Correction, Organization, Modifications and Accurate. This is a post production work. Where all kinds of work are done, including video titles, graphics, color correction, sound mixing, effects, especially for non-linear or computer editing. In this section we will talk about the technicalities of this and explain in detail why non-linear editing is called post production work.

Video editing is a profession where it is always possible to develop creativity. With the development of technology, you can get yourself involved in this profession all the time. In this career, reputation, reputation, recognition as well as a bright future is shaking. Worldwide, Bangladesh has a huge field of career in this profession

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It is very important to have creativity in this profession. There should also be a clear idea about different television programs. I would like to have the strength to consider what variation is possible at the event. A video editor has to keep an eye on the TV screen at home and abroad. You have to keep a close eye on where the diversity came from on an occasion. The more creative you are in the “Think Out of the Box” nature, the better your career as a video editor will be.

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