AutoCAD is the name of an engineering design program, AutoCAD software is extremely user friendly software and is made with the most popular programming language C++. With the help of designers and engineers, they can easily create two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional designs and design transferable parts on any device. At present, AutoCAD has taken a significant place in the field of engineering and engineering work.

At present, large deployment around the world is first designed by computer AutoCAD and according to that architecture is constructed, any small and large matter in design and engineering is verified by AutoCAD, thus saving time, labor and money worldwide. Especially in the Middle East its demand is increasing.

It is important to know the full use of AutoCAD for those who are starting or doing engineering careers or who are already in the field to determine the position of their job as an engineer. In this age of technology, you need to have full control over AutoCAD or you will be left behind as an engineer in the competitive market. Most Bangladeshi engineers use AutoCAD for their work.

The following are the advantages of using AutoCAD:

Designing: Designing or prototyping any type of engineering is a time consuming and difficult task. On the other hand, in the case of mechanical engineering, the design of the paper is very complicated as one machine has to be made between different parts.

AutoCAD can easily test the complexities of the design using 2D and 3D, making it possible to create a perfect design before the actual installation is made and the design measurements are obtained. The design flaws can be easily extracted using AutoCAD

Money Saving: The various necessary tests and research, including design in the engineering work, is a very important subject, in fact many expensive factual installations or equipment tests. Which can be solved using AutoCAD so that a designer can easily change parts of his design and experiment with it, thus saving money as his design innovates.

Time Saving: In reality it takes a lot of time to create a real sample or prototype, but using AutoCAD can be done in very short time, designing any sample design and changing the required aspects of the design can be done very easily and quickly. Which helps designers save a lot of valuable time.

Communication and integration: By saving a model designed in digital format, multiple engineers can work on a design and complement it easily and send it to anyone else. In this age of globalization, AutoCAD allows a designer to easily discuss different parts of his or her design with other designers, and it is much easier to create a perfect design with different ideas.

Engineers and designers should learn AutoCAD for their own benefit. In addition to working in our country, there are many opportunities for engineers and designers from around the world through AutoCAD.